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Guidebook - How to Practice - American English Speaking & Listening Skills

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This guide is for non-native English speakers who want to improve their skills.

This guide contains text and videos that describe strategies and practical exercises you can use in everyday life to improve your English skills.

The information is based on my research and years of teaching experience that focus on the most efficient method to make changes to speaking skills.

I begin with the answer to the most common question I receive as a speech coach, "Where do I start?" and then list ways to apply practice in your everyday life in each of the three stages of progress:

  1. Awareness
  2. Control
  3. Analysis

Set the Foundation

The importance of cognitive load on learning

3 stages of making changes to speech

The order to practice speech features

Practice exercises and videos for:


Word Stress

Individual Sounds (vowels & consonants)

Preparing & creating speaking opportunities

Continue learning

Online resources

About Dr. Christi Barb at Adastra Speech

About private speech coaching

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10 pages of information, resources, speaking strategies that you can use immediately and 7 videos that demonstrate and describe the actions.

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Guidebook - How to Practice - American English Speaking & Listening Skills

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